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Sink Repair and Installation Services:
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What is Sink Repair?

Sink repair involves fixing various issues with your kitchen or bathroom sink to restore its functionality and prevent water wastage or leaks. Over time, sinks can experience problems such as dripping faucets, damaged or clogged drains, loose connections, or cracks. Timely sink repair is essential to ensure a clean and efficient sink area.

Sink repair
Sink repair
Sink repair

What is Sink Installation?

Sink installation involves professionally fitting and connecting a new sink to your kitchen or bathroom plumbing system. Whether you’re renovating your space or upgrading your sink for better functionality and aesthetics, proper installation is crucial to ensure a leak-free and secure sink setup.

The Solution: Dr. House Inc Plumbing Solutions

When it comes to sink repair and installation in San Diego county, CA, Dr. House Inc Plumbing offers reliable and professional services to enhance your kitchen or bathroom. Our team of experienced plumbers has the expertise to handle various sink brands and models, providing you with top-notch repair and installation solutions.


Why Choose Dr. House Inc Plumbing?

  • Efficient Repairs: We diagnose sink issues accurately and carry out repairs promptly, minimizing inconvenience.
  • Quality Materials: For sink repairs and installations, we use high-quality materials to ensure lasting performance.
  • Experienced Technicians: Our plumbers have the skills to handle sink repairs and installations with precision.
  • Personalized Recommendations: We offer personalized recommendations for sink upgrades or replacements based on your preferences and needs.

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